Today we’ll be rating the top 5 best countries to visit if you’re into history. These places are rife with ancient artifacts, destinations, and art; Even if you’re not a history buff you’ll love these places for their culture and beauty.

#5: France

France is known for their culture and beautiful architecture, so it is no surprise that much of this comes from their ancient history. There are hundreds of spots to visit here that are just bursting with history, The Louvre, Mont Saint Michael, Normandy if you’re a World War II lover, and so much more. We recommend you take at least two packed weeks here, one to visit the main historical destinations and another week to take your time with the World War sites.

#4: China

China is a country that is rich in history as they are one of the oldest civilizations and have been responsible for much of the innovation in the world. There is the Forbidden City and the Great Wall obviously however, they also boast The Potala Palace and The Imperial Garden among many other sites. Much of China’s historical places are war based or have a history rooted in it so be prepared for war to be central. That is not to say China does not have incredible non war based history, just that there is much of it there.

#3: India

India has long since been a place of spiritual enlightenment and thus spiritual history. As the second oldest civilization to ever exist according to it will have some of the oldest sites and artifacts you can possibly find. The history is incredible here but please be mindful to be respectful in the spiritual sites and to not be overwhelmed upon entering. Many foreigners to India find themselves overwhelmed spiritually and can find themselves in danger because of it. Just prepare your mind before hand and you will be just fine, then simply enjoy ancient history!

#2: Greece

This one should come as no surprise, on top of it being an ancient nation it is also one of the most rich in artifacts countries you can find. The sites here are absolutely breathtaking and to me no two sites were the same. You will not find as much modern history here but you can definitely find ancient history, this was one of the greatest nations of enlightenment to ever exist so don’t miss out on the greatness of what the ancient people accomplished.

One important thing to note is that you should prepare an itinerary and transportation well in advance. The top places to visit are not always close together and will require travel plans to get to, not that it is hard to get to them, just that you cannot walk from Athens to all the places you’ll want to go.

#1: Italy

This may be my favorite place on earth and not just for the history. It is gorgeous in every aspect and it’s cities will give you an energy you’re not likely to find anywhere else. Especially in Rome even the government can’t build subways because it always hits new artifacts with every foot of subway they build. The Romans built incredible monuments and you cannot walk far in any city without getting sidetracked by an ancient historical site, art museum, or regular museum.

Make sure you take some time here to visit not just tourist sites but also just the landscape. Outside Napoli you will find some of the most incredible landscape you will ever see, especially from the top of Vesuvius. Note that Vesuvius is not close enough to Pompeii to be able to walk so just plan in advance.

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