So you’re vaccinated now and looking to get back out into the relaxation world? You may be thinking of going somewhere like the Bahamas for a while but you’re wondering how good it actually is or if it’s simply hype, well we have the answer for you.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

The Bahamas has long been a tourist destination for those looking to blow off steam and enjoy island life for a while, and while this may be a great spot for doing so, it is not on the level of other similar spots. We are going to be basing our rating off of 3 important factors which are, beauty, things to do, and safety.

Beauty: 8/10

This is a gorgeous place full of white sandy beaches and breath taking ocean views, but it is lacking in comparison to other places such as Bora Bora and Hawaii.

Cruise ships docked

The Bahamas lacks the same scenery you may get in the top tropical destinations; this is not to say that it isn’t spectacular, it is just missing the wow factor when it comes to the actual islands themselves outside of the beaches.

Things to Do: 5/10

a pig in the water

Things to do is a bit subjective as many people enjoy different activities, yet no matter your opinion you aren’t going to have the same experience as you would be able to in Hawaii.

If you’re into normal tropical activities this won’t be special as far as what you may be used to. The snorkeling here is somewhat underwhelming in comparison and the water activities companies are sketchy at best so just be careful.

Experiences here include your typical island adventures but you won’t find anything groundbreaking here. It lacks unique activities that you won’t find anywhere else, the islands are hardly groundbreaking in terms of things to do so just keep your expectations low in this area.

Safety: 6/10

No reason to be scared in the islands but there is also no real reason to expect Singapore level safety. You won’t be at any serious risk of crime outside of normal tourist hub crimes such as pickpocketing.

Most of the serious crime goes on in specific areas of Nassau and Freeport, therefore as long as you steer clear of those areas there are no issues. This goes the same for any other city on earth but the Bahamas are just not special in this regard either way.

One specific thing to avoid is the jet ski industry unless you are 100% sure of the company before going. Do your research as they have been known to be sketchy at best in this area. Give this travel advisory a read for additional info.


The Bahamas is fantastic in some regards but underwhelming in many others. If you simply want to sit on the beach and work on your perfect tan then this is the place for you, it’s not the best if you’re hoping for more than that however.

Simply do your research before you go and know what the expect, if you do that everything will go just fine in the Bahamas.

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