Amazing, overrated, busy, overpriced, there’s hundreds of things to do in the Eternal City but which ones are actually worth your time? There are actually many things worth your time here but a few that aren’t. I will go into the ones that aren’t in a different article but in this one we’ll see the best of the best.

St. Peter’s Basilica

This one should be obvious but I can’t even describe the beauty of this place. It will make you question how on earth man could have created something like this back then.

The architecture and the attention to detail are unmatched. It is so much more grand than you could ever imagine just by pictures.

It is directly attached to The Vatican but as discussed in a this article, The Vatican is simply overrated. So if you have to cut something from your trip, hit the Basilica and not the Vatican.

Fun Thing: Pay 10 Euros and go up to the dome, it’s not insane but it certainly is a fun experience and you’ll have an incredible view of the city.

The Roman Forum

Getting into the forum will also take you through Palatine Hill and the gardens before getting to the actual forum. This makes it quite an experience and is also across the street from the Coliseum.

The Forum is just bleeding history all the way through and it’s a unique perspective to see the ruins versus restored versions.

Fun Thing: Have a picnic in the gardens that overlook the hill and much of the city.

Victor Emmanuel II Monument

This is one I should’ve known before coming but I discovered simply by walking around the city.

The square is amazing and the monument is absolutely unreal to look at. It is enormous and yet has refined details all the way around it.

You can also check out the Roman Forum and then head over to the monument as they are directly across from one another.

Fun Thing: Photoshoot in the square outside, it will make for one of the best views you can get

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