Canada is known for it’s freezing temperatures, heavy snows, but also it’s natural beauty which lends itself to a winter wonderland feel.

There’s mountains capped with snow, rolling plains, massive forests, and even deserts to see! You’ll find no shortage of natural beauty and you’ll also find a hugely diverse set of cultures in every city with plenty of things to do in it’s large cities.

The only issue is that Canada is the second largest country on earth and because of that it is difficult to know where to go as you can’t just jet from place to place easily. Don’t worry though I have you covered with my favorite places full of culture and natural beauty.

Banff, Alberta

lake and mountain

If you’ve read any other articles here you’ll know we love to start it off with the obvious ones first, Banff is just that. Banff is a tourist hub with people coming from far and wide for it’s mountain feel and quaint little city of cabins.

Nothing says winter fun like hiking a nearby mountain range, carriage rides through the city, skating on the many nearby lakes, or world-class skiing at Sunshine Resort.

The only downside is that Banff tends to be on the expensive side and quite touristy compared to other Canadian attractions.

Average Cost for a Week in Banff, Alberta

$652 per person, according to

Our Rating for Banff, Alberta


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Thousand Islands, Ontario

This is generally a summer destination known for it’s many dinner cruises through the islands and personal boating.

Don’t let that dissuade you from a winter visit though, the islands are full of skating, beautiful forests and just general relaxation. This is definitely more of a relaxing and curl up by the fire type spot in the winter but that doesn’t make it any less incredible.

On a budget? This one’s for you as it comes in at the cheapest destination by far on this list, you can camp very inexpensively and even cabins tend not to be overly expensive.

Average Cost for a Week in Thousand Islands, Ontario

$241 per person

Our Rating for Thousand Islands, Ontario


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Blue Mountain Resort, Ontario

A gorgeous ski resort with many trails all around meant for mountain biking and hiking with climbing spots along the same trails.

This is one of the most popular ski resorts in Ontario, sitting just outside of Collingwood near the Georgian Bay. If you know anything about Ontario, this region is stunning in everyway with rolling hills and a thouroughly enchanting feel.

Don’t just want outdoor winter activities? There is plenty to do around the resort including, luxury dining and shopping along with experiences like the Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster.

Just note that if you’re from flatter areas of the world the skiing may be great but don’t expect teh same level of skiing as you’ll get in the Rocky Mountains or The Swiss Alps.

Average Cost for a Week in Blue Mountain Resort, Ontario

$1,012 per person

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Rossland, British Columbia

For some reason Rossland is barely mentioned when discussing incredible places in Canada. This winter getaway is packed with entertainment however, and is most definetely worth trip.

Rossland is home to RED mountain, which was voted by New York Times Magazine as the 8th best place to visit in the world. It’s got lovely skiing all around as well for those who love downhill sports.

Most notably however, Rossland has the longest running festival in Canada, the Rossland Winter Carnival. The Winter Carnival is a grand event filled with parades, bobsled races, singing and dancing, fire spinners, performances, sculptures, and much more. Truly this is one of my favorite carinval type events I have ever been to with the exception of Oktoberfest.

Average Cost for a Week in Rossland, British Columbia

$1,425 per person, according to

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Whistler, British Columbia

One of the most popular ski and winter getaways on earth, Whistler is no surprise on this list. I could tell you Whistler is all about the normal stuff, the skiing, hiking, etc, but it is far more than that.

It is packed with culture, shopping, cafes, winter ziplines, snowmobile trails and rental, and amazing spas. There is also quite a decent arts scene so if you want you can check out museums and shows of all kinds, most enjoyable for me was the Audain Museum.

Average Cost for a Week in Whistler, British Columbia

$1,389 per person, according to

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Ottawa, Ontario

Being the capital of Canada you can expect quite a few activities around the city and a ton of culture within the city. To live in this city is quite boring overall, but to visit you really can’t get better especially in the winter!

Visiting the Rideau Canal is a truly special experience and watching the snow fall in front of the parliament building is incredibly unique.

You’ll have quite a busy time trying to pack everything into your visit here and Ottawa is especialy perfect if you’re not a winter sport type of person.

You can simply check out the many different cultural festivals, political buildings, fine dining, etc. You won’t lack for much in Ottawa except for night life.

Average Cost for a Week in Ottawa, Ontario

$1,022 per person, according to

Our Rating for Ottawa, Ontario


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