Wanting to head somewhere warm, fun, and full of nightlife? Well Miami is probably the best possible choice for you whether you’re single, coupled up, or have a full on family. I’ll also let you in on a secret you probably already know, MiMo is probably the best spot in Miami.

There’s no shortage of things to do in Miami and no shortage of grand hotels too, which makes for a fun problem; Which hotel is best? Well thankfully MiMo narrows down the list quite a bit as there’s not a massive amount of hotels in this area but the difference between hotels is pretty drastic.

Your hotel choice will vary based on a bunch of different factors so I’ll try to cover all of them here and have something for everyone on this list.

The Vagabond Hotel

Easily my favorite hotel on this list; There is a remarkable feel to this hotel and is super close to the district. It just feels like Miami here and gives you just the vibe of a modern and sleek stay.

Used to stuffy hotel rooms that look like a business board room? This is quite literally the opposite of that. It makes you feel as if you’re home and also at a 5 star resort at the same time, just the best of MiMo.

A little advice, try and book in June as the rates are at the lowest, it’s not a super expensive hotel but it certainly isn’t cheap either, but as they say, you get what you pay for.

The Treehouse Studio

Now I should point out here that not all rooms in the Treehouse Studio are equal. Some are smaller and just not as good as others so not quite the Vagabond Hotel.

That said it will usually be quite a wonderful stay and at the very least unique! It will simply provide you with a different experience than you’re used to with the rooms being more like a retreat in Thailand, at least that’s how I would see it!

Advice: I was super happy here and walked around with no trouble but if you’re a smaller person you may feel slightly less safe, so bring a buddy.

Hyde Suites

This one is a little bit off the MiMo area but I firmly believe it’s worth it. Hyde boasts gorgeous views, an excellent pool, a little putting green and much more!

I also love the interior as it feels truly like a luxury stay as everything is just right and the service is absolutely phenomenal.

This one is a bit more on the expensive side but still not unattainable at an average of 360$ a night. I know that’s not cheap but for a couples getaway, that’s pretty perfect!

This article contains affiliate links in it, this in no way effects my decisions on ratings but does keep the lights on!