It’s fascinating to look at places in the world that can still look at other races as somehow less. It’s also worth knowing these countries so you don’t end up in a bad situation just based on immutable characteristics.

Looking at these countries they will probably be quite surprising and all for different reasons. This is an unfortunate and constantly changing list that hopefully will not have to exist soon.

*Disclaimer* This list has been compiled based on many different sources including businesstech, usnews, and worldpopulationreview; not simply our own research.

South Korea

South Korean flag in a park

Though progressing in many areas including technology, economic might, movie production, and having an incredible military, South Korea is unfortunately backward in it’s outlook on other races.

When asked who would be okay having a neighbour of another race, a whopping 29.6% of those asked said they would not want a person of another race living near them.

31% of those surveyed had witnessed some form of racism, especially directed at people of African and Middle Eastern decent.

South Africa

Capetown from above

This should come as no shock to those who are at all familiar with the history of the area. You have probably heard of Apartheid and all that Nelson Mandela was fighting against.

Unfortunately, to this day the racism that has been fought so intensley against is still quite prevalent. The cultural impact of the European settlers invading the south has long lasting effects that have lasted to this day.

In the same poll as South Korea, South Africa had 19% of respondandts not wanting a neighbour of a different ethnicity but an insane 60% of respondandts had witnessed racism in their day to day life.


Palestine city centre

Sadly, this region is going to a appear a lot on this list but it makes sense for racism to be confined to a certain area in large part.

44% of respondants did not want a person of different ethnicity living beside them. Now this is an exceptionally large number, however, it was not made clear if that included India on their south which would be more due to the war between the two countries than actual race in large part.


A city in kuwait

Ah yes, one of the gorgeous treasures of the Middle East; Boardering the sea, Kuwait has a spectacular view and is extremely rich. What a shame that an area so nice would be tarnished by this pandemic of racism.

Kuwait has long since been a haven for many who are racist but unfortunately the problem has only gotten worse. 28.1% of the survey responded against other races and 37.1% had witnessed racism as recently as the week before.


A worker looking over a rice field on a hill

A strange one on this list and very surprising given that it has been getting more progressive over the years. Not quite as surprising though if you have lived there for longer than a couple months.

The Philippines sadly, is still backwards in some areas and this is one of them. Many of those who live there are strongly against other Asian groups and African groups. 30.6% of people surveyed did not like those of another race and close to 50% had witnessed racism recently.


Camels in front of the pyramids at sunset

Now we are starting to get into unfathomable levels of racism. If you thought it was bad before well just wait for Egypts numbers.

62% of those surveyed did not want a neighbour of a different race however, only 30% had witnessed some form of racism recently.

If you have ever been to Egypt you may know that it does not come across as the most inclusive place on earth and is very dangerous for women and LGBTQIA+ as well.


The Libyan coast

No shocker here as Egypt and Libya are directly agacent. Libya was less than Egypt at 54% of respondants not wanting a neighbour of another race but higher at 33% of people experiencing racism recently.

The survey size for Libya was also smaller it should be noted so the results could be a little bit skewed.

Libya however, suffers from the same disease as Egypt and it does not appear as if it is going to get better any time soon. Libya also suffers from racist laws that would make the U.S.A. in 1970 blush.


The coast of a city in Bahrain

Bahrain is quite similar to Kuwait as it is a rich Middle Eastern nation that is backwards in it’s thinking on race.

Stemming from old practices, the locals are not overly fond of outsiders and especially those outsiders that are seen as poor.

The nation dislikes outsiders of all kinds however, Bahrain seems to tolerate caucasian moreso than those of other nations around or those of Asian deasent.

Want to know the numbers? Well 36.3% didn’t want an neighbour of different deasent but, a stunning 85.7% witnessed racism in the week prior. That number is out of this world as we are starting to get towards 100% of respondants.


Lebanese city on the coast

This area truly is having an issue as racism is quite prevalent in this entire area of the continent.

The war torn nature of the country could be contributing to a lack of trust as it does in many nations, that is why I debated putting it on the list but with the numbers I will show, it is hard to ignore.

36.3% didn’t see other races as equal, 64.2% had witnessed racism as recent as a few days before. These are some tough numbers to ignore and cannot be dismissed no matter the reason.


Mountain view in india

Coming in at a solid first place far and away above all others is India. This one was not expected by many to be first place but those surveyed were extremely distrusting of other races and the treatment of those who are even just from a different area of India is awful.

Many of the northern citizens of India hate the southerners and vice versa, the same can be said of east and west and everything in between.

Not to mention that the locals look down upon those of lesser status and especially those of lesser status who are from Africa or Asia.

Those surveyed responded with 43.6% looking down on other races and 64.3% having witnessed racism in the last week. These numbers are so sad and continue to be on the rise instead of reversing like a significant part of the rest of the world.