There’s no doubt about it, hikes are one of the most satisfying things you can do. It may be hard but by then end you have exercised, been in the sun, and also the incredible view at the end.

We all need a feeling of accomplishment but it’s no secret that some of the hikes are better than others.

It’s also no secret that some of us are outdoors people and some of us aren’t, but these hikes are for everyone. From pristine beauty to rugged terrain these hikes showcase the beauty of nature.

We’ve included something for everyone here so if you like intense hikes, this is for you; if you like pleasant easy hikes, well this is also for you.

(10) Inca Trail, Peru

Macchiato Picchu, Peru

Distance: 26 Miles (43 km)

Time: 4-5 Days

Best Time of Year: Late April – September

Difficulty: Moderate

The Inca Trail is known to many and for good reason. The trail is full of incredible views, amazing nature, and enough difficulty to let you feel good about yourself.

If that all were not enough, there is the ending. Once you come to the end there is the glorious Macchu Picchu sitting at the end.

It is truly breathtaking and not even just for the actual site, the surrounding area of the site is just as gorgeous as you’ve seen in the pictures and even more so.

If you are going to head to the Inca Trail though please for the love of all that is holy get a guide. I’ve known many who tried to go without and let’s say it wasn’t great.

(10) Trek to Petra, Jordan

Distance: 47 Miles (76 km)

Time: 5-7 Days

Best Time of Year: October – April

Difficulty: Hard

Petra is difficult to get to by foot but oh man is it worth it. The terrain will be rough and the weather will be trying (At least for a wimp like me), but you will come out having seen the glorious landscape of Jordan and the magnitude of Petra.

This is one of the most rewarding hikes out there but is certainly not for the faint of heart. It is not hard in the way of steep uphills or climbing, it is difficult because of the environment it must be done in.

(8) Queen Charlotte Track, New Zealand

Queen Charlotte Trail

Distance: 45 Miles (70 km)

Time: 4-5 Days

Best Time of Year: September to April

Difficulty: Easy

This is one for those that might not love difficulty but love the views that come with it.

New Zealand itself is beautiful, everyone knows that, but this hike showcases it in an amazing way. The coast is almost always visible and the hike is long enough to see a large part of it.

It almost made me cry the first time I saw it, and chances are it will do the same to you.

(7) The Scottish Trail

The Scottish national trail

Distance: 537 Miles (864 km)

Time: 1-1.5 months

Best Time of Year: June – September

Difficulty: Hard

The national trail is just plain beautiful and manages to stretch an incredible distance. You’ll have to take a sabbatical from work to be able to even hike half of this monster but it is more than worth it.

The hike is something out of a movie and is something you will tell your friends about for the rest of your life. It is something you have to be incredibly prepared for and is not easy because of the distance but it is incredible in every way.

(6) Arctic Trail, Greenland

Distance: 100 Miles (162 km)

Time: 9-10 Days

Best Time of Year: June – August

Difficulty: Trying

The Arctic Trail has no humanity in between the start and the end and therefore, is both trying and incredible. You have to be very VERY prepared for this and please use a guide.

Nature is out in full force on this hike in both the good and bad ways. It is almost untouched and something that is only available in the north of the world.

It would be next to impossible in the winter without dying so please head there for summer.

(5) Otter Trail, South Africa

Distance: 26 Miles (43 km)

Time: 4-5 Days

Best Time of Year: October – May

Difficulty: Moderate

Want to get out into nature and see wildlife everywhere you turn? Well, this one is for you. The nature is pristine and the waterfalls are to die for.

The world is a large and diverse place, you’ll see things here you won’t see anywhere else in the world in this style.

(4) Mount Sinai, Egypt

Distance: 4 Miles (7 km)

Time: 4-5 Hours

Best Time of Year: October – May

Difficulty: Moderate

This one is better for those who are of Christian or Catholic faith but can be enjoyed by all. It is said to be the ruins of Noah’s Ark in the Bible as well as being a stunning hike in the first place.

There is not only history here but a mountain that looks out upon Egypt, what’s not to love?

(3) Trolltunga, Norway

Trolltunga, Norway, the peak

Distance: 17.3 Miles (28 km)

Time: 12-14 Hours

Best Time of Year: May – September

Difficulty: Hard

”Troll’s Tongue” is a well known mountain ridge in Norway, famous for it’s beauty and scenic endpoint.

The slab of rock looms above a massive Fjord and just adds to the beauty. This is not something you should ever miss. It is incredible and the end view is not done justice by the pictures.

(2) Snowman Trek, Bhutan

Distance: 217.5 Miles (350 km)

Time: 3-4 Weeks

Best Time of Year: June – August

Difficulty: Extremely Difficult

This hike is very hard and very unforgiving. Many have failed here and it is not something to be taken lightly as the extreme distance can take a tole, not to mention the altitude and sheer difficulty.

If you can make it through however, it is something to tell your grandchildren about. The monasteries are beautiful and full of rich history, the towns are stunning and the Himalayas are well, the Himalayas.

Don’t miss this one if you are an avid hiker who thinks they can manage this beast.

(1) Tour de Mont Blanc, Switzerland, Italy, France

The tour de Mont Blanc in switzerland

Distance: 106 Miles (170 km)

Time: 11-12 Days

Best Time of Year: Late April – September

Difficulty: Easy – Moderate

Those who love long hikes will probably have at least heard of the Tour de Mont Blanc. It is extremely long however, not as challenging as one would expect.

The hike is beautiful and the culture of the area comes through so well. This is my all time favourite hike and is a must experience for anyone hiking in Europe.

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